A Kickstarter campaign to help bring recognition to Herdwick wool fabrics from the Lake District has been launched.

The campaign, started by Rachel Cabble of Kendal's Cable & Blake, seeks to establish a land-based brand to rival Harris Tweed.

Elevating the status of Herdwick wool, the undertaking is hoped to offer a financial boost to Cumbrian hill farmers, selling the fabric produced from their flock's often undervalued fleeces.

Ms Cabble said: "We design and sell 100 per cent wool fabric woven from yarn that's spun from the fleeces of the iconic Herdwick sheep.

"The founding of Cable & Blake in 2017, with my late business partner, was inspired by a shared vision to bring value to those fleeces, which are in danger of being burned because the cost of selling and transporting them is not sustainable for our local farmers."

Cable & Blake's fleeces are acquired through the British Wool Board from Cumbrian farms, where they are spun, woven, dyed, and finished over the boarder in Yorkshire.

Cable & Blake has received a sought-after British Wool license, recognising its British-made approach and commitment to 100 per cent wool.

In its product line, the company currently offers 13 plain and seven patterned fabrics, uniquely inspired by and named after distinct parts of the Lake District landscape.

Rachel confirmed they have no plans to deviate from the recognisable local tones if their Kickstarter campaign succeeds.

She said: "The Kickstarter is all about producing a brand new range of five throws that pay homage to the crags and ghylls that inspire our fabric. This is a new creative endeavour that will produce throws for Dobgill Crag, Dove Crag, Thornhow Crag, Durple Ghyll, and Honister Yew Crag."

Cable & Blake's fabrics have already featured in high-profile local sites like the rooms at Cartmel's L'Enclume hotel.

However, by launching this Kickstarter campaign, Rachel indicated hopes to expand beyond their current British customer base and attain global recognition for their crag-to-cloth approach.

She said: "Our business is all about sustaining rural communities and celebrating specialist skills. From the Herdwick farmers to the spinners, and from the weavers to the 21 local businesses using our fabrics and selling their products through our Kendal-based shop, there are traditions and skills that deserve wider recognition.

"It's an ambitious plan but we are proud to be part of a thriving rural and creative economy and we're ready to shout about the amazing Lake District landscape and these throws that are inspired by it."