Alistair McGowan, best known as a comedian and impressionist to UK audiences, visited the Lake District this week.

McGowan and his wife Charlotte made a stop at Rydal Mount before attending an event at Zeffirellis and Fellinis in Ambleside.

The purpose of the trip was to take part in a Q&A following the screening of the new film 'My Name is Alfred Hitchcock'. McGowan voices the famous director in the film.

In partnership with Hopscotch Film, the story is produced by Charlotte Wontner, a descendant of William Wordsworth, who famously lived at Rydal Mount.

They were said to have 'absolutely loved it'.

McGowan will be working with his wife, Rydal Mount and Zeffirellis to promote next year's Inward Eye Film Festival, which will run every two years afterwards.