WINDERMERE Golf Club is celebrating after 100 members have officially joined in 2023. 

The course, established in 1891, now boasts 580 members - more than at any time in the last 10 years

The club saw a decline in membership numbers between 2013 and 2018 when it fell to 427.

A management restructure in 2017 saw the number vastly improve, however.

Club manager, Martin Fishwick, said: "We’ve focused on simplifying the joining process, making it more welcoming and affordable. Examples of initiatives we’ve implemented are ensuring that all new members feel part of our Club straight away.

"All new members are welcomed to the club by our team and club captains and given all the information they need to get playing straight away.

"Members are also able to spread the cost of membership over 12 months interest-free rather than being faced with an annual 'lump sum' payment. We’ve gained a reputation for being an enjoyable, friendly and welcoming golf club in recent times.

"Our golf course is always in excellent condition, has world-class views of the Lake District, and we’ve focused on making it enjoyable to play.

"So much so that we were ranked as the ninth most enjoyable course to play in England by Golf World in July this year.

"We offer show rounds/tours of our Club to anyone that is thinking of becoming a member so we can introduce ourselves and answer any questions that people may have before committing to membership."

The age range of members varies all the way from aged 8 to 96 years old with one member serving the club for a lengthy 60 years.