Finding the best price when it comes to filling up your car is vital, particularly in this day and age.

With that in mind, the Gazette has put together a list of the 10 cheapest stations when it comes to the cost of diesel, thanks to

1. Esso, Carnforth

Mossdale Service Station, A6, LA5 9RW

Price per litre: 148.7p

2. Shell, Windermere

Gem Troutbeck Service Station, Ambleside Road, Troutbeck Bridge, LA23 1HS

Price per litre: 148.9p

3. Morrisons, Kendal

Queen Katherine Avenue, LA9 6DU

Price per litre: 149.7p

4. Asda, Kendal

Burton Road, LA9 7JA

Price per litre: 149.7p

5. Texaco, Kendal

Whitestiles Service Station, Shap Road, LA9 6DL

Price per litre: 149.9p

6. Sainsburys, Kendal

Shap Road, LA9 6DL

Price per litre: 149.9p

7. BP, Staveley

MFG Plantation, Windermere Road, LA8 9JA

Price per litre: 149.9p

8. BP, Ings

MFG Ings, Windermere Road, LA8 9PY

Price per litre: 149.9p

9. Essar, Windermere

Windermere Service Station, Main Road, LA23 1DX

Price per litre: 149.9p

10. J38 Diesel Services Tebay Gorge

Tebay Interchange, Penrith, CA10 3SS

Price per litre: 149.9p