Kendal-based samba drumming band Drum Nation brought the New Year in with a bang with their Samba beats reported to be heard throughout the town and beyond.

The musicians carried their instruments all the way up to Scout Scar on New Year's Day and entertained themselves and a sizable crowd of walkers and supporters for over an hour.

The performance has become a tradition for the band who say they like to welcome in the new year with a fresh start doing what they love.  

Musical Director, Jenny Wroe, said:  "This is our gift to the town we love. It's the perfect way of welcoming in the new year with friends and leaving behind any negatives that we don't want to carry with us into the new year. 

"The drummers create a 'tunnel of luck' and we invite anyone to walk, dance or run through the tunnel and they come out the other side with a bit of Drum Nation luck for 2024. 

"This year was particularly special as one of our band members who has suffered very ill health made it up to the top to celebrate with us which was a very special moment."

The event was also a special one as Drum Nation have recently expanded and now have a Drum Nation Eden band based in Penrith.

Players came down from DN Eden to 'Band Together' and play the New Year in.   

Drum Nation are also starting a Drum Nation Furness band based in Ulverston. 

Anyone interested in joining please email or check out the website for details,