One half of the Hairy Bikers visited a country inn in the Lake District for tea on Monday evening.

Following the surprise appearance of Si King, one of the members of staff at the Wild Boar Inn lucky enough to meet him has spoken about what the experience was like.

Assistant restaurant manager Natalia Morzecka said: "He was just the loveliest person, all the other guests were turning their heads and started to realise who he was.

"He had the venison which he thoroughly enjoyed and said it was 'fantastic'."

Natalia also wanted to point out that the chef and TV personality had visited on his own accord, making his presence all the more special.

"He visited the chefs in the kitchen and had a little tour to thank the team and left a happy customer," she said.

King certainly left a good impression on the staff he met, taking the time after his meal to pose for a photograph with the team.

One of the chefs, Luke, said: "It's always a privilege to cook for all the guests at the Wild Boar Inn - their feedback is invaluable.

"But hearing it from someone who has inspired you through your culinary life makes for a pretty cool way to kick off the year."