A cancer survivor is using her 'gruelling' experiences to help inspire other women across Cumbria.

Charlotte Hinks will be working with fellow wellness coach Emma Donlon and the team at Augill Castle to set up a new group for women feeling 'lost'.

The first retreat is set to take place between February 2 and 4, showing participants the techniques they need to take back control of their lives.

Charlotte said: "After 18 months of gruelling cancer treatment, I realised life was too short and too precious to waste.

"I feel strongly that women should have time to rediscover themselves and, too often, life’s fast pace makes us lose our way."

The Westmorland Gazette: Augill Castle will be hosting the retreat, the first it has been involved inAugill Castle will be hosting the retreat, the first it has been involved in (Image: Google Maps)

Now working as a Wellbeing and Physical Intelligence Coach, Charlotte explained that it was her fight against the illness that motivated her to take the different career path.

A local businesswoman, her latest venture is 'Castle Retreat', inviting people to learn more about themselves whilst also experiencing the beauty that the Lake District spot has to offer.

"We want to empower them [the women who take part] to regain their sense of purpose, energy and passion through learning ways to visualise goals and overcome possible barriers," Charlotte added.

"But the weekend is also about having fun staying at the luxurious Augill Castle, enjoying good food, cocktails and good company.”

It is the first ever curated retreat that the castle has been involved in, with a spokesperson describing how it is bound to be a 'special weekend'.

They said: "Picture yourself in our castle setting, surrounded by the serene beauty of the Eden Valley here in Cumbria, engaging in mindful practices that inspire clarity and peace.

"This carefully curated program, delivered by Emma & Charlotte, includes workshops and activities that cater to your well-being, ensuring you leave feeling not just relaxed but invigorated and ready to make 2024 your year."

To find out more about Charlotte's story or details about how to get involved, you can visit their website here.