Bay Search and Rescue (BSAR) battled the extreme cold to successfully find a vulnerable woman on seaside rocks in Arnside.

The team was called by Holyhead MRCC on Thursday as a 9m tide ran in quickly which restricted access to a great number of potential search areas. 

BSAR's Sherp was deployed to search Blackstone Point, White Creek Park Point and then onward toward Silverdale.

Conditions were described as 'extremely cold' and 'well below zero'.

So much so that the Sherp vehicle encountered significant surface ice floating on the water as it used its amphibious capabilities.

The team was preparing a thermal drone just as word came in that the woman had been found on rocks on the shore in a poor condition.

Medical treatment was given by both BSAR crew and Coastcuard from Arnside & South Lakes Coastguard Rescue Team.

Due to the location and increasing tide, the sherp entered the water again and met with the team on the shore.

A spokesperson for BSAR said: "This was one of the few occasions when the tide actually helped speed up the evacuation as it was still running into the Bay quite quickly and speeded up the Sherp's arrival.

"The Sherp crew skillfully used the water flow to their advantage and came out of the water guided by the shore crew."

The team and the woman were transported over the icy rocks in the comfort of the Sherp to the shoreline where they waited for Northwest Ambulance Service's paramedic crew.

BSAR added: "A superb example of highly trained community volunteers from BSAR working with the Emergency Services."