A new boxing group is on the brink of coming to Cumbria as they get ready for their February launch.

BoxFit Cumbria will be finding its home in Kendal at the Staveley Pavilion, with the first class taking place on February 12.

After that, sessions will be held on every Monday and Wednesday, costing £10 for people to give it a go.

Dale Sims said: "This exhilarating class is not just a workout - it’s a journey that taps into your strength, agility, and determination.

"Led by seasoned trainers, participants will learn the art of the sweet science while breaking a sweat."

The Westmorland Gazette: The sessions will take place at the Staveley PavilionThe sessions will take place at the Staveley Pavilion (Image: BoxFit Cumbria)

The group is hoping that people will be intrigued by the arrival of the club on their doorstep, encouraging more locals to take up the pastime.

"Whether you’re a seasoned pugilist or a newcomer to the sport, our classes cater to all skill levels, providing a dynamic and inclusive environment.

"Expect a high-energy session that combines the fundamentals of boxing with a full-body workout - from mastering jabs and hooks to perfecting footwork, each class is designed to enhance cardiovascular fitness, build lean muscle, and boost overall endurance."

Dale pointed out that the sessions are designed to bring the group members together.

He explained: "What sets BoxFit Cumbria apart is the sense of community fostered within the group.

"Participants support each other in their fitness journey, creating a camaraderie that goes beyond the punches thrown - it’s not just about building physical strength, but about cultivating mental resilience and self-confidence."

The sessions will take place between 7:00am and 8:00am every Monday and Wednesday, with all welcome to come down for the first class.

For more information about signing up, you can visit the group's website or social media pages, or you can contact the team by emailing boxfitcumbria@gmail.com.