The Kendal Mountain Festival has revealed that it will be travelling across the Atlantic with a new tour in the US.

The organisers of the event announced on Monday that it would be showcasing their films to the North American market.

The tour will include special screenings of their adventure films, along with a whole host of guest speakers.

The organisers said: "Be guided through culturally rich, cinematically beautiful, thought provoking stories.

"These will be told by a unique collection of travellers, athletes, activists and creatives from the most spectacular places on earth!"

Currently set to run until April - with a last stop off in California still to be announced - the tour will run through a number of states that pride themselves on promoting the thrills of adventure.

This includes Montana, Indiana, Colorado, Utah, Oregon, Ohio and Washington.

Following the festival back in November, the organisers have also been hitting the road throughout the UK, running both tours concurrently.

Trips to the likes of Sunderland, Nottingham, Bristol, Oxford and Edinburgh are still to come throughout 2024, with tickets still available.

If you would like to attend one of the screenings - whether its closer to home or in a different country entirely - you can visit the website here.