RANT, the Scottish chamber-folk quartet, are set to perform in Kendal this month.

As well as touring, the fiddle group, known for its 'energetic and moving' live shows, is set to release their new album 'Spin' on Friday, February 9.

The band comprises of members Bethany Reid from Shetland, Anna Massie and Lauren MacColl from the Highland peninsula of the Black Isle, and Gillian Frame from Arran.

Their latest album is claimed to be a 'bold' and 'ambitious' collection of tracks, weaving together music that pays tribute to the songs and artists that influenced the band during their formative years.

Lauren MacColl said: "After touring as a band for a decade, it felt like the right time to do something reflective.

"Our new album Spin has allowed us to do just that and put our own take, or ‘spin’, on music that was influential on us in our early years."

She says that the band is excited to present their new album live for the first time.

Ms McColl said: "We can't wait to share a piece of our creative history and our love of fiddle music at Brewery Arts this February.

"It’s going to be an unforgettable night and we hope Kendal audiences can join us."

Catch RANT, creators of three critically acclaimed albums, at Brewery Arts, Kendal on Saturday, February 17.

Tickets are available at www.breweryarts.co.uk/event/rant.