An art exhibition featuring world renowned artists opens at Abbot Hall this month.

Kicking off on February 16, the Kendal venue will display remarkable works from its extraordinary Lakeland Arts collection.

All housed within its newly refurbished Collection Galleries.

Renowned artists from the 17th Century to the contemporary will be on display, including top-notch works from the likes of George Romney, Joan Eardley, Lucian Freud, Hilde Goldschmidt, Victor Pasmore, Celia Paul, Kurt Schwitters, Stanley Spencer, and Charmaine Watkiss.

The gallery is set to provide a diverse range of art that encapsulates a myriad of periods and styles.

The ground floor galleries will be an engaging platform designed to pique visitor curiosity with an array of exquisite art pieces.

Set to act as a vibrant hub for ideas and communal interaction, guests can soak up the artwork and generate transformative conversations.

The Westmorland Gazette: Kicking off on February 16, the Kendal venue will display remarkable works from its extraordinary

The art selection includes thought-evoking portraits from Kendal's leading contemporary artist, Lela Harris, featuring two new acquisitions recently added to the collection.

Stellar pieces to be featured in the show include George Romney’s masterwork, The Gower Family: The Children of Granville, 2nd Earl Gower, and The Great Picture, a rare showcase of the life of Lady Anne Clifford from the English Civil War era.

The associate curator for Lakeland Arts, Helen Stalker, said: "At Abbot Hall we are putting our extraordinary collection of visual art in the spotlight.

"Focussing on the exploration of landscape, ecology, and identity and with the collection at the heart of its programme, Abbot Hall is a space for new ideas, community conversations, wellbeing and research."

In addition to the main exhibition, visitors can explore the Art Herbarium, offering artist’s depictions of flora and fauna from Abbot Hall’s collection.

Ranging from Winifred Nicholson’s vibrant flower arrangements to the visual elegance of Cumbrian artist Percy Kelly’s illuminated letters, the gallery overlooks Kendal’s green spaces, reminding visitors of the links between biodiversity, inspiration and healing.

The exhibition opens to the public from February 16 to December 28, with doors open from 10am to 4pm Wednesday through Saturday.

Visitors can purchase tickets online at which allow unlimited access to the gallery for 12 months.