A group of protestors came together on Saturday to protest the ongoing genocide in Gaza.

Campaigning outside Kendal town hall, the group were calling for an immediate ceasefire following Israel's attacks in Palestine.

Maria Gardner, regardless of the weather, has been taking her mobility scooter to the town hall and campaigning for several weeks in a row now.

She said: "Israel's relentless attacks on Palestinians in Gaza and elsewhere have become nothing more than attempted genocide.

"The Israeli Defence Force is engaged in grossly disproportionate and unjustifiable collective punishment of innocent civilians."

The Westmorland Gazette: The protestors were outside Kendal Town Hall on SaturdayThe protestors were outside Kendal Town Hall on Saturday (Image: CND)

Mrs Gardner described how 'tens of thousands of innocent children, women and men' had been slaughtered.

"This is not 'defence' - this is a genocide which we have to stop," she added.

Members of South Lakeland and Lancaster District Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) joined Mrs Gardner and other protestors on Saturday.