The owner of one of Kendal's most successful boutiques has announced the store will be closing in summer of this year. 

Maya Maya clothing store, located at Dockray Hall, opened in 2006 and offers clothing from casual wear to event wear including a hire and home service.

The business will continue online after its closure date along with the MM membership.

Owner Amanda Slattery, 59, started the business as a part-time hobby and decided to make the leap from the very different world of motoring in 2005.

"It's a big change but it's just the right time for us," said Amanda. "I've always adapted to change and tried to stay ahead of the curve and this is definitely the right time to close the physical shop.

"It's a hard climate for independent businesses at the moment - particularly in the fashion industry.

"There are many changes ahead which people need to be aware of, particularly around ethic and sustainable fashion.

The Westmorland Gazette: Steven and Amanda Slattery on the very first day of Maya Maya in 2005"If we look at what's happening in Europe, there's going to be legislation that will come in over here. People think of fast fashion as the likes of Primark - it includes thousands of small businesses which will be affected.

"Particularly in our industry, you have to think ahead all the time in many different aspects. Stock you need to think about seven or eight months in advance but things change so quickly in the fashion world.

"It's also the right time for me personally. Obviously working in retail, you're very much on a treadmill but I'm passionate and creative.

"Taking a step back will allow me to fall in love with fashion again and I'm happy that I'm ending things on my terms.

"I'm 59 and perhaps if I was younger I would love to start over to become a 100% sustainable ethical provider of fashion but I have to be realistic."

The Westmorland Gazette: Throughout her career in the fashion industry, Amanda has had many highlights including being recognised by His Majesty King Charles in 2022.

Her online Boutiques in Business group, created during lockdown, helped boutique owners across the UK through the effects of both Covid-19 and Brexit.

As well as having some celebrity customers, the business has also raised more then £60,000 for charity over the years.

"It makes me laugh when people will say 'oh you'll be bored'. I have so much on the go in terms of continuing to help businesses and making positive changes," she said.

"I will also continue to look after my customers and my members. Maya Maya will still exist online for a while and then I will decide which form it'll take from there.

"The bricks and mortar part of the shop will end but there's still plenty more to come from me."

Maya Maya is currently holding a retirement sale. To find out more, please visit the website.