More dog poos bags have been dumped en masse in an area of South Lakes which now totals to 61 doggie bags found this week.

South Lakes police posted on its social media channels on Wednesday (February 7) in the hopes that the person who dumped the initial pile of bags on a footpath near Beetham would stop.

The majority of the bags were dumped in one place near Heron Corn Mill with police urging the dog owner to dispose of the dog muck responsibly.

Last week's Tweet from South Lakes police: 



Now, it appears the same culprit has dumped more in similar circumstances with a local resident confronted with the horrible task of disposing of them.

A spokesperson for South Lakes police said: "Sadly, last week's post has not acted as a deterrent. A local resident has been out and collect 61 bags of poo this week in Beetham.

"It seems as if these are being left by someone walking multiple dogs. This is not acceptable. The council have been informed and will take action."