The owner of two North-West England wind farms has rebranded after it was bought by another company.

Banks Renewables will now be known as OnPath Energy following its takeover by the Brookfield Global Transition Fund, which was announced in October and completed in December.

OnPath Energy has more than 4 GW of renewable capacity in its pipeline including 11 onshore wind farms across Scotland and Northern England.

It is already one of the major players in the UK onshore renewable energy sector.

It owns the six-turbine Armistead scheme, located east of the M6 in south Cumbria, and the three-turbine Heysham South Wind Farm situated southeast of the north Lancashire town.

In Banks Renewables’ most recent financial year, these two sites collectively generated more than 47,000 MWh of electricity, sufficient to supply the annual electricity demands of more than 15,200 homes.

The revenue of more than £25,000 generated went to the respective community benefits funds.

These funds are designed to financially aid various projects and good causes in the surrounding communities of each wind farm, and will continue to operate as normal under the new owners.

Richard Dunkley, managing director at OnPath Energy, said: "The OnPath Energy name captures the journey towards net zero that we’re taking together with our customers, business partners, landowners and local communities, and shows our ambition to make a substantial contribution towards creating a just transition to net zero that is fair and inclusive for everyone.

"Our success to date has been achieved through creating and maintaining long term and valued relationships with all our stakeholders and conducting ourselves with professionalism and integrity in all that we do.

"Our culture and approach to development was a key reason Brookfield acquired Banks Renewables, and this will continue to be at the core of OnPath Energy.

“Brookfield provides access to capital, global relationships for procurement and power marketing and a decades-long track record in renewables that will greatly enhance our business.

"We are already seeing the benefits to our business from their ownership, helping many of our projects take significant steps closer to becoming a reality.”