Sexual violence can happen to anyone, of any age and in any walk of life.

Officers at Cumbria Police are trained to deal with these offences, investigate crimes and offer support to victims, which they do every day.

This month the constabulary is highlighting the work to tackle these offences, the support services available – and officers are once again urging anyone who has suffered such abuse to get in touch.

Even if victims do not want police involvement, officers can help put people in touch with the many services available to help them.

Detective Chief Inspector Vicki Coombes is the rape and serious sexual offences lead for Cumbria Constabulary.

She said: "Sexual offences are horrendous crimes that have a profound and lasting impact on victims - and there is no place for these crimes in society.

“As a police force, we do everything we can to thoroughly investigate any report we receive and ensure survivors of sexual abuse are safeguarded and afforded appropriate support.

“We are committed to pursuing any identified offenders to bring them to justice.

“We have specially trained officers who are experienced in investigating reports of sexual violence and abuse and we work closely with victims to ensure they are supported from the moment they contact us.

“We recognise these crimes can be extremely difficult to speak about, which is why we also provide additional options for those who want to report to the police - and we work closely with support agencies across Cumbria.”

The key messages the constabulary would like to emphasise to anyone who has been subject to such offences are:

  • You are not alone.
  • You will be listened to - by the police and partner agencies.
  • Support is available, with or without police involvement.
  • You have choices of who you speak to but please speak to someone.
  • Reporting an incident can help you positively move forward.

DCI Coombes added: “Taking that first step to telling somebody what has happened to you is often the most difficult.

“But please know that if you do, you will be provided with information which will enable you to make choices on how you wish to move forward.”

For more information, please visit:


A list of services available in your postcode area are summarised here:


If you wish to report to police you can do so online at  

You can also phone on 101.

Always phone 999 in an emergency or if a crime is in progress.