THE Conservative candidate Matty Jackman met with the principal of Kendal College Kelvin Nash after criticising the college for its 'requires improvement' OFSTED. 

Mr Jackman met Mr Nash on February 5. The meeting highlighted several external issues that affect the college’s ability to effectively operate, such as the inequality of pay and funding between schools and colleges, as well as the effects of qualification reform, the increased frequency of changes in government policy and education ministers, Mr Jackman said.

Mr Jackman said he would pass on concerns around monitoring methods, resourcing, funding and reporting in Further Education (FE) to appropriate members of the government.  

"It is right to keep attention focused on FE developments and to continue to offer support to our local college.”

“The principal and I agreed that one of the key issues is a proper public understanding of inspection results and how they are obtained.”

“Kendal College has committed staff and a plan to help our young people now and in the future. We are eager to collaborate on that journey and to offer our support."

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“We asked for assurances and received them. I am excited to share these developments both publicly and on the doorstep, to help highlight the successes of the college and its thorough action plan," Mr Jackman said. 

Mr Nash said: "I am pleased that Mr Jackman and his colleagues now fully understand the reasons, as well as the actions being addressed by The College in relation to our recent OFSTED inspection.” 

“The OFSTED report contains a lot of positive statements, and whilst we have dropped a grade to ‘requires improvement’, The College has fully embraced the inspection recommendations and has already made a number of successful internal changes to policy and process.”

“Kendal College has a solid foundation on which to build as we continue to improve the quality of our provision, and at the next inspection we will return to an OFSTED grade of at least ‘good’ and that’s the message that I am giving to our staff, students and stakeholders.” 

“The college engages significantly with stakeholders across all aspects of its work, and I am happy to review the offers of support that Mr Jackman and his team have proposed and will look forward to working with him over the coming months."