A dad is recovering well after he suffered a heart attack clearing up his son's lamb shelter that was destroyed by Storm Isha.

Simon Bennett, 56, collapsed less than a day after his son Oliver's lamb shelter was 'turned to matchsticks by the storm which struck last month

The Bennett family are well known in the community and are responsible for the running of Augill Castle near Brough.

The 25-year-old recognised his calling to be a farmer as he got into adulthood with his mum Wendy describing that he 'just loves sheep'.

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He was looking forward to welcoming 59 new additions this year before disaster struck twice.

During the clear-up of the polytunnel, which was constructed in a community effort during the castle's 25 year celebrations, Simon's life was saved by two workers at the castle, Jo and Lucy.

He was flown to the James Cook University Hospital in Middlesbrough where he was told that only five per cent of people who suffer a massive heart attack such as his survive.

The Westmorland Gazette: The new polytunnel being rebuilt thanks to fundraisingNow, a month after Storm Isha hit on January 21, Simon is making a good recovery.

Wendy said: "There's still a long away to go however Simon is now at home and is waiting for double bypass surgery which will hopefully take place next month.

"He's still very tired and in some pain from when his ribs were broken during CPR however we're so happy to have him back. It's amazing where we are now to when you look back just a few weeks ago."

Things are going well for Oliver's lamb shelter too. To rebuild the polytunnel this time around proved more expensive with the family needing a company to construct it.

As such the family created a fundraiser with the community coming out in droves to help.

So far £2,665 has been raised of the £10,000 target. 

The Westmorland Gazette: The new lamb shelter is on the back field of Augilll CastleWendy said: "We are so thankful to everyone who has donated and everyone's kind words and support.

"Work has begun on the new poly tunnel from Highlands Polytunnels in the backfield and we have had professionally installed by builders Andrew Robinson.

"The sheep went in at the weekend and we can't wait for the sunshine and the imminent new lambs expected in about two weeks."

The new lambing shelter cost more than expected so donations are still being accepted at the Bennett family's Go Fund Me Page.