Over 50 organisations from across the county are backing the new Cumbria Careers Day.

It is held as a part of National Careers Week, which takes place between March 4 and 9.

The new event will not be held only in one place, instead it’s all over Cumbria.

According to the Cumbria Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP), venues include local schools, colleges, and businesses.

This initiative is designed to promote the excellent careers available across the county and to encourage people to develop and build their careers in the region.

With two weeks until Cumbria Careers Day, which falls on March 6, Cumbria LEP is encouraging more employers, of all sizes and in every sector, to get involved.

Chief executive Jo Lappin said: "We know that there are currently over 7,000 vacant jobs in the county with employers across many sectors reporting acute labour supply shortages and high numbers of unfilled vacancies.

"Many of our businesses tell us that attracting and retaining people is one of the most significant challenges that they face.

"There are fabulous careers available in Cumbria and it is really important that everybody understands the breadth of opportunities that are available here."

The Westmorland Gazette: Cumbria LEP chief executive Jo LappinCumbria LEP chief executive Jo Lappin (Image: Cumbria Careers Day)

Ms Lappin continued: "These real-world insights can be really inspiring and help motivate our people of all ages to explore the opportunities available to them.

Cath Dutton, Cumbria LEP’s careers hub manager, said: "As part of a wide range of actions that we are taking, we are asking local employers and training providers to pledge their support and come together on one day to celebrate all of the great careers and jobs on offer in the county to people of all ages.

"Employers can also visit their local school to answer questions about their business and job opportunities."

The Westmorland Gazette: It is held as a part of National Careers Week, which takes place between March 4 and 9

The chair of the Careers Hub Cornerstone Employer Group, Jayne Moorby said: "I hope other businesses join us on March 6 to highlight the opportunities in their organisation."

To enable schools, colleges and businesses of all sizes to get involved in Cumbria Careers Day, the Cumbria LEP has produced a range of resources, which can be found at www.careershubcumbria.co.uk/.