New data reveals that Glastonbury festival, known for its hard-to-get tickets, has only a one in nine chance for Brits to secure a ticket for 2024.

The data revealed that the festival doesn't hold the distinction of being the UK's most exclusive festival and ranks fourth as the most difficult festival to secure tickets for.

Analysis by TonerGiant, ahead of the upcoming Glastonbury ticket release, examined ticket availability for UK's leading festivals to determine the most difficult and easiest events for ticket procurement.

Stuart Deavall from Tonergiant, said: "With Glastonbury tickets set to go on sale soon, we wanted to investigate which festivals are the most difficult (and easiest) to secure tickets for.

"We found that All Points East festival is the most difficult to secure tickets for, where Brits have just a 1 in 13 chance.

"In comparison, Brits hoping to secure Glastonbury tickets have a 1 in 9 chance- so the competition may not be as fierce as it seems."

Printed tickets retain popularity among festival-goers over the age of 34, making up for around 50 per cent of festival goers.

Individuals in this age group and last-minute bookers are less inclined towards digital tickets, according to Ticketmaster.

Those aged 16 to 19, who typically book tickets late, constitute 9 per cent of total attendees.

Radio 1’s Big Weekend appears as the most accessible festival, with an estimated half of people searching for tickets likely to succeed.

This is closely followed by Kendal Calling, which offers a one in four success rate for ticket searchers.

Mr Deavall said festival-goers are recommended to print off e-tickets for fuss-free admission, particularly in case of phone batteries dying at the entrance.

He also recommended printing off contact numbers for group members and marking a meeting spot on the map for convenience.

Standard tickets for Glastonbury go on sale on November 5, and those inclusive of coach travel will be available earlier from November 2.

Glastonbury's 2024 event will feature two of three headliners confirmed as female artists, though the complete line-up still is yet to be revealed.