Spinning Jennies has partnered with Nathalie of PoW Pots to open PoW Plants on Finkle Street in Kendal.

This creative collaboration has brought colourful orchids and houseplants in hand-painted pots, gracing the store where Wallis & Warehouse once traded.

Geri Ward, of Spinning Jennies, said: "We couldn't be more delighted to open one of the shops we created out of the former Beales site in Kendal.

"Finkle Street, as with many town centre shopping streets across the country, was beginning to look a bit sad with empty shops.

"We couldn’t let ours look empty after Lakeland Hampers had to pull out – so we went for it, using the in-house skills we already have to make life happen, in collaboration with some of Cumbrian’s huge creative talent and small businesses led quite often by women."

PoW Plants with PoW Pots is the Cumbrian makers introduction to the Spinning Jennies range.

The Westmorland Gazette: PoW Plants has a range of colourful pots.PoW Plants has a range of colourful pots. (Image: Spinning Jennies)

And shortly there is due to be an announcement of a 'regional version of Body Shop', with the company aiming to go above and beyond to 'contribute to a new vibrancy for Finkle Street'.

It is hoped that the usage of local produce will 'encourage enterprise' while keeping carbon footprints low.

This would give 'crucial support' to regional suppliers, with stock travelling shorter distances and increasing contribution to the local economy.

Nathalie of PoW Pots, known for delivering her colourful pots to major retail names across the UK and worldwide, is thrilled about the partnership.

She said: "Pow Pots is opening its first ever houseplant shop, Pow Plants.

"The new shop is in partnership with Spinning Jennies in Kendal, the Lake District.

"While work is underway developing this grand dame of a department store into a contemporary new food, retail and arts space, POW Plants will be taking over 37 Finkle Street, stocking all your favourite Pow Pots, plus a superb selection of houseplants!

"Jonathan of @shape.furniture, who makes our beautiful Pow Pots oak plant stands, will also be showcasing some of his fabulous mid-century furniture pieces."

The PoW Pots are hand-painted with contemporary designs incorporating mid-century, Australian and Scandinavian influences. They offer a colourful and modern alternative to traditional plant pots.

PoW Plants officially opened its doors for business on February 23.