Climate activists from Cumbria played vital roles in protests demanding that insurance firms stop supporting fossil fuels.

The demonstrations were aimed primarily at companies potentially set to cover a proposed new coal mine in west Cumbria.

The actions spanned multiple days, saw members of XR North Lakes and XR South Lakes rally alongside others from around the UK in London and Manchester.

Activists from activist collectives including Extinction Rebellion, the Climate Justice Coalition, Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth joined forces with local groups to stage protests at AIG, Hiscox, Tokio Marine and Chubb, with activists reportedly occupying offices in London.

The Westmorland Gazette: The west Cumbria coal mine was one of the reasons for the protestThe west Cumbria coal mine was one of the reasons for the protest (Image: Extinction Rebellion Cumbria)

In Manchester, the day's focus was on the west Cumbria coal mine and the East African Crude Oil Pipeline in Uganda and Tanzania.

XR warns that progression of these projects threatens to raise global temperatures beyond a level suitable for human life.

Paul Nickells of XR North Lakes attended both protests and addressed the crowd about the proposed mine's potential environmental consequences.

He said: "The insurance industry is meant to protect communities but instead it is deepening the crisis we face.

"If these companies continue to insure fossil fuels, they are guaranteeing a future with more wildfires, floods, droughts, storms and mass famine and displacement of people.

"Insurers have a choice: do they want to be part of the problem, or will they stop insuring dirty, planet-wrecking oil, gas and coal, work for a liveable planet, and be part of a healthy, fair future for all?

"We are asking them to take action now to protect our children’s future because later is too late".

These protests linked to a global week of action organised by the Insure Our Future network from February 26 to March 3.

The network unites grassroots groups from around the globe, demanding immediate cessation of insurance for new fossil fuel projects and a fossil-free future.