The old football kits of a youth team in Appleby have made their way to Africa.

Appleby Junior Football Club said the clothes had been given a 'new lease of life' in their unexpected home of Ghana.

And now the kits are working to inspire children in the country to further take up the sport, uniting Cumbria with the continent like never before.

Lucy Nugent, whose son played in the kit for Appleby last year, said: "We didn’t want to just throw our old kits away.

"We offered them to the younger teams in Appleby Junior football club but they had new ones sponsored by a local business."

Lucy felt that it would be nice to keep the kit together, which went on to inspire the long journey the clothes would eventually go on.

"I know a Ankoma Outreach volunteer, Bobbi-Jo Coleman, who was due to be traveling out to Ghana within the next month," Lucy explained.

"I’d heard they often took things out there on their trips so asked her if they would want some football kits - before long, they were being bagged up, plus a few other bits outgrown by my own kids."

Ankoma Outreach is a charity based in the Ghanian village working to provide children greater access to education, healthcare and good sanitation.

Lucy added: "Apparently the kids were over the moon with them and straight away wearing them and playing football.

"Bobbi-Jo sent me lots of pictures of the kids enjoying themselves in Appleby football kits and that makes us so happy."

The kits were originally sponsored by L&D building contractors and Siba Contracts, with the owners of both running Appleby's Under-11s team.

The experience has now inspired Lucy and the team to continue strengthening their links to the region.

"I'm really glad they can be used again especially by children less fortunate," she said.

"I would absolutely do it again and urge anyone else to donate."