A NUMBER of travel bursaries are on offer to foster town-twinning relationships.

Members of the Kendal Rinteln Association are planning to visit their partner town in August this year and are keen to foster new links between the town’s many clubs and associations.

To this end, the Kendal Rinteln Association is offering a limited number of travel bursaries for sports or social club representatives who would like to visit Rinteln.

The committee is hoping to find hosts to accommodate recipients locally, ideally via their counterparts in Rinteln.

A trip is planned between August 8 and 13 to coincide with the Altstadtfest, a music and food festival in the historic old town district - headlined this year by the Kendal Concert Band.

The town boasts many other festivals and sporting events, however.

For club or association representatives who wish to find out more about the travel bursaries, please contact chair@kendal-rinteln.co.uk