NO OFFENCES were identified by police who were called to an alleged foxhunt in the Lake District.

Lancashire Saboteurs activists shared photos of police in the area of Patterdale on the morning of March 17.

Cumbria police confirmed attendance but said no arrests or lines of inquiry were made.

Foxhunting has been banned since the Hunting Act 2004 came into force but trail hunting, where the hounds follow a scent rather than an animal, is legal. 

Lancashire Saboteurs shared photos of hounds on the fell in the area. 

The Westmorland Gazette: Foxhunting has been illegal since the Hunting Act 2004Foxhunting has been illegal since the Hunting Act 2004 (Image: Lancashire Hunt Saboteurs)

A police spokesperson said: "Police received a report of an alleged hunt in the area of Patterdale on Sunday 17 March at around 10.30am.

"Officers attended and engaged with several individuals in the area. No offences were identified."