GOVERNMENT data has revealed a test centre in Kendal has the highest percentage of learner drivers in the country who pass their test at the first opportunity.

According to research conducted by motoring experts at Moneybarn, the Kendal test centre on Oxenholme Road had an overall first attempt pass rate of 67.9% between April 2023 and September 2023.

The national average is 48.8%, according to the car finance and loan company.

From 1058 tests conducted, analysis from the Kendal centre showed that 718 people managed to successfully pass their test.

Chichester ranked second place with a 64.4% from 3665 tests conducted, whilst Dorchester came third with a 63.4% from 2305 tests.

Further research from Moneybarn found that 17-year-olds had the highest number of conducted tests in the UK, with a better pass rate than any other age group, at 54.5.

Speke in Liverpool was found to have the worst overall pass rate at 31.6%.

The results come after both Barrow and Kendal were found to be in the top ten easiest places for drivers to pass their test.

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