AN award-winning Lancaster/Kendal based band with airplay on national radio has released their new single and announced an upcoming EP. 

LOWES released their first independent single 'Satisfaction' on Friday March 22. This is the first release since their departure from Sony Music, which had been their label for six years. 

They filmed a music video to promote 'Satisfaction,' which was shot and edited in the north-west. 

The Westmorland Gazette: This is the first release for the band since they left SonyThis is the first release for the band since they left Sony (Image: LOWES)

LOWES described creating Satisfaction as a 'cathartic experience.' They said: "Its a song about trusting your gut, and essentially giving weight to your inner voice. We created our own blend of heavy electronic sounds, big vocal stacks, warped guitars, live percussion, and mad samples to encapsulate the drive and energy we’re feeling right now."

The musicians also announced the launch of their new EP, which will be in collaboration with Earth Agency. There will be a show at Brewery Arts on Friday, June 7 to showcase the new music.

The Westmorland Gazette: The new single artworkThe new single artwork (Image: LOWES)

The band recorded the EP in a basement studio they built last summer. 

In 2021, they won BBC Radio 1's Dance Vocalist of the Year. LOWES consists of Evie Plumb (vocals), Jamie Walker and Luke Paget (producers/multi-instrumentalists).