A MERCURY Prize nominated singer-songwriter is performing a gig at a popular music venue this Easter Bank Holiday Weekend.

William Doyle will perform his new album titled ‘Springs Eternal’ at Gan Yam Brew Co in Kendal on March 30 (Saturday) from between 7:00 – 11:45 pm.

The album is William’s most ambitious and playful creation to date with the music taking a panoramic view of the highs and lows of life in the 2020s.

“Most of the songs are written in the first-person, but rather than being autobiographical, I was trying to imagine hyperreality versions of myself,” Doyle said.

“What if decisions I made in my life had resulted in the self of each particular song?

“How many degrees of separation am I from those realities. It’s a frightening thought, and those often make good for songs.”

Eternal Springs is the next chapter for one of the most experimental and exciting British songwriters working today.

His most recent records in albums drew comparisons to Radiohead and Brian Eno and claimed their place on end of the year lists, with the Metro ranking one as ‘among the best albums of the century’.

Tickets for the gig cost £12.

To book tickets, click here.