The people of Ulverston came out over the weekend to take part in a new community event.

The Festival of Light took place on Saturday, March 30 for the first time - transforming the Sir John Barrow Monument and Hoad Hill into a spectacular display.

As well as lighting up the monument itself, the people who took part were asked to shine the torches on their phones, creating a dazzling trail up the hill.

The Westmorland Gazette: Hundreds came out to Light up HoadHundreds came out to Light up Hoad (Image: Ulverston BID)

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Justin Tootill-Wales, Ulverston Business Improvement District manager, said: "The Ulverston BID were proud to support the first ever 'Light up Hoad' event

"We were involved both prior and on the day of the event to support the organisers to realise this amazing bringing together of the community to Light up Hoad."

The event was designed to be similar to the Lakeland Festival of Lights in Keswick.

It has become well known for its 'River of Light' between Keswick and Catbells summit, with Ulverston now having a go to its emulate its neighbour.

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"The BID and MARL have worked together to install and upgrade the lights on the monument," Mr Tootill-Wales explained.

"We will continue to pay the maintenance to ensure the monument stays lit and a shining light for Ulverston."

The Westmorland Gazette: The event took inspiration from a similar festival in KeswickThe event took inspiration from a similar festival in Keswick (Image: Ulverston BID)

With the first showcase now under their belt, the organisers will be hopeful that it can become an annual tradition and can forge its own reputation away from its Keswick counterpart.

The festival proved to be a big hit with the locals who got involved, with accessible spots for wheelchair users and families with buggies allowing as many people as possible to be involved.

Busker Peter Buckley played an acoustic set at the Sir John Barrow monument and Drum Nation provided a musical atmosphere for these walking up the Hoad.

The Westmorland Gazette: Peter Buckley from Ulverston performed a special set to mark the festivalPeter Buckley from Ulverston performed a special set to mark the festival (Image: Peter Buckley)

One resident said: "It was great to have been involved, such a great atmosphere.

"The drummers (Drum Nation) were amazing and all the stewards did a wonderful job."