A team of paranormal investigators have disclosed the findings of their ghost hunt at William Wordsworth's Lake District school. 

Paranormal investigations Cumbria UK travelled to Hawkshead Grammar School Museum on Sunday - armed with equipment and psychic mediums.

Led by Sarah Simmons, the team hoped to make contact with some of the school's resident spirits - including Wordsworth himself - after visitors have reported seeing shadows moving and a 'weird feeling' at the historic school.

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The museum gives insight into school life from 1585 to 1909 with its classroom housing a collection of historic furniture and artefacts - some of which date back to the 17th century.

Some of its most acclaimed scholars include Dr William Pearson - co-founder of the Royal Astronomical Society, Lord Brougham - Lord Chancellor of England, Dr Joshua King - President of Queens’ College, Cambridge and Edward Baines - politician and newspaper proprietor. 

The team has been hoping to make contact with former students - and anyone else they may not have known about.

The team went live on Facebook from 5.30pm and began by showing the cemetery that sits silently at the side of the museum.

They then started off downstairs with an automatic writing planchette, dowsing and by calling out to any paranormal entities.

The Westmorland Gazette: Cemetery which sits next to the grammar schoolA spokesperson for Paranormal Investigations Cumbria UK said: "Unfortunately, we didn't get contact with Wordsworth but we got contact with a boy called Oliver who was a student at the school in 1700s - and also the school cook.

"We were very aware of an authoritative man who we believe was a headmaster. His presence was very strong but no interaction from him.

"We also had the glass display cupboard vibrating in response to our questions too."

The Westmorland Gazette: The moment the team makes contact with the elusive 'headmaster'Ellie Evans, who has worked at Hawkshead Grammar School Museum since 2022, was convinced she'd previously seen a shadow move up the stairs that looked like a headmaster's cloak.

The conservation and collections specialist said: "It was really interesting - the upstairs had more of an atmosphere than downstairs.

"Upstairs has more small artefacts, books and documents so there, and the staircase definitely had more activity.

"We managed to contact a few spirits and the SLS camera showed some figures - including a child-sized figure."

When asked if she thought that the 'authoritative man' may have been what she saw breezing upstairs last year, she added: "Yes I definitely think the headmaster was the cloak."