A HORSE sanctuary located on a 17th-century farm needs funds to secure its future and preserve its history. 

The owners of the Friesian Experience Sanctuary in Cartmel are trying to raise £100,000 to undertake renovations which will support them in generating income for the farm. 

However, without adequate funding for the renovations, the future of Sanctuary is 'uncertain', said director Tracey Alexander. 

She explained she was ‘frustrated’ as applications for numerous grants and planning permissions have been refused - and therefore they have to rely on the 'goodwill' of donors. 

"The future of the farm will be in jeopardy if we do not raise this money. Everything is just falling down around us," she said.

"Even £100,000 is a drop in the ocean. If it does not work this way it will work somehow."

One of the plans involves the renovation of a derelict stable into a versatile space. Once completed, this stable will be a shelter for the older horses during the winter months and for visitors to experience connecting with the horses, sheep and nature.

Another task is to re-roof a building that once served as a stable. The roof deteriorated 'so much' that it became unsafe, said Tracey.

Tracey added: "Finding a way for a small farm to thrive in today's climate, especially when horses are involved, is not easy. But my primary concern remains the welfare of our horses. I am driven to create facilities that not only improve their lives but also allow us to share their magic with visitors, both in person and online.

"There are a million things that we need to raise funds for here and the chances are this will not be the only company we are doing this year but this is our most ambitious to date.

"Whatever we do now has to be done in a way that can secure the sanctuary for generations to come."

To make a donation visit Tracey Alexander's GoFundMe page here.