The mystery surrounding Cumbrian cricketing pioneers photographed in 1924 may soon be solved, thanks to local endeavours.

The Ulverston Ladies cricket team picture, taken at a time when women's sports faced great opposition, tells the tale of these trailblazers. Their story is being pursued by Fibrus and Cumbria Cricket, who combined forces last year to bolster women's and girls’ cricket in the county.

They hope that uncovering more about these remarkable women will further encourage growth in the region's women’s cricket. Mary Brooks, the team captain, is one confirmed identity.

Owain Oxenham, non-executive director, at Cumbria Cricket said: "We would love to know more about these women cricketers from one hundred years ago.

“Today, women’s cricket is finally getting the recognition it deserves and we are working hard to give women and girls in Cumbria the opportunities earlier generations didn’t enjoy.

“The photograph reminds us that there have always been talented sportswomen in the county, they are an inspiration for us all."

Chris Collins, Head of Network Build and Maintenance, Cumbria, at Fibrus, said: “The photograph is really uplifting to see. We are supporting Cumbrian sports for women and girls, like the new Fibrus 100 girls cricket league which we have sponsored.

“At Fibrus we have enjoyed seeing how much the girls have enjoyed their cricket and playing for their teams. It would be great to see if interest in this photo could give another boost to women’s cricket in Cumbria.”

Ex-nurse and passionate sportswoman, Anne Millard, currently plays for the Ulverston Comets ladies cricket team and was acquainted with Mary through her work at Ulverston Hospital. Mary’s daughter, Shelley Hudson, gave Anne the vintage photo in 1982 before she and her colleagues scooped a victory at a women's hospital cricket tournament.

Despite the lack of funding and support during that era, the sportswomen proved their mettle. Last year saw the simultaneous Women’s Ashes and men’s games, a historical feat that drew massive viewership.

Cumbria Cricket's first girls’ cricket league, the Fibrus 100, was launched, in partnership with Fibrus Broadband, which supports region-wide community sports. They also initiated a women's softball cricket league, proof of the continuous growth of women's sports in the county.

Besides the Ulverston Comets, Ulverston Cricket Club fields an all-girls team called the Rockets. The teams stand as testament to the enduring spirit nurtured by the early 1924 trailblazers.