Spring is often the perfect time for someone to treat oneself to a spa day - and there seems there's no better place than Cumbria.

According to Dank Geek, a company focussed on holistic wellbeing, the county is home to the third best spa in the UK.

Experts evaluated 83 of the most majestic UK spa destinations this spring, eventually concluding that the crème de la crème is located in Cumbria.

The Westmorland Gazette: The county is home to the third best spa in the UK

Topping the Cumbrian list is the esteemed Gilpin Hotel and Lake House with an impressive rate of 81.70 per cent five-star reviews.

Refreshingly, even amidst the sublime competition, another Cumbria-based spa made the cut.

Lodore Falls Hotel & Spa located in Cumbria made it onto the list with its well-deserved four-star rating.

Sprinkling more sparkle on these accolades is the notable feedback gathered from 2175 individuals on Tripadvisor.

More than 80 per cent of them rated the Gilpin Hotel and Lake House with full five-stars.

They manifested their positive experiences with sweeping claims of an unforgettable spa adventure.

The Westmorland Gazette:

Opting for a one-night getaway in the company of a loved one this April at the Gilpin Hotel would set one back a relatively above average £580.

This is 56 per cent more than the average price of £371 for similar establishments.

Founder of Dank Geek, Ali Alavi, said: "We examined 83 of the most prestigious spas in the UK to find the ones customers truly adore.

"Options extend from Devon's serene beaches, Scotland's lush landscapes to Wales' tranquil exterior."

For those who appreciate both the rejuvenating power of a spa retreat and the company of their furry pet companions, 56 out of the 83 selected spas are pet-friendly, although it should be pointed out that they're not allowed into the actual spa facilities.

So, as spring blossoms, there's the chance to inhale some fresh Cumbria air while revelling in spa luxury.