For the seventh consecutive year, the Financial Management Bureau (FMB) has been recognised as one of the 'Best Financial Advisers to Work For' by Best Companies Group.

This achievement, which was announced on March 20, continues the Kendal firm's track record with the awards programme, which was was initiated in 2017.

This industry-wide programme, run in association with Professional Adviser, seeks to identify and honour the finest employers within the financial advice industry.

In 2024, the list comprises 24 companies from across the UK.

Qualification for the award is determined through a two-part evaluation process.

Firstly, a comprehensive assessment is done on each nominated company’s policies, practices, and demographics.

This part is worth approximately 25 per cent of the total evaluation.

Following this, an employee survey is conducted to measure the experiences offered; this accounts for approximately 75 per cent of the total evaluation.

Companies must meet criteria including having a minimum of 15 employees in the UK, operating in the financial advice sector or the wider financial services community, being a publicly or privately owned business, possessing a facility in the UK, and being in operation for at least a year.

The honour was collected at the Professional Adviser Awards in London by director Ruth Power.

For additional information regarding the 'Best Financial Advisers to Work For' programme, visit