A CAFE owner in the middle of the flood prevention works on the River Kent said it is 'still open' despite many thinking it is closed.

Waterside Café, on Kent View, has been in the middle of the Environment Agency's (EA) work in Kendal to protect homes and businesses around the River Kent from flooding.

Contractors have recently installed glass panels near the café as part of the Kendal Flood Scheme. The agency says that 577m 'self-cleaning' glass flood wall will preserve the views of the River Kent while offering flood protection. 

Richard Knight, a local EA boss, said the installation of the panels is a 'very visible' part of the flood scheme that has taken in feedback from residents. 

"We have been able to use glass technology specifically for Kendal to ensure protection, retain views and provide a defence which requires low maintenance for the community," he said.

Magda Szymanska-Linowiecka, who owns the cafe, said: "The good news is - some of the glass panels have been installed and the main footpath is open."

Previously, the access from Lowther Street had been blocked by the work. However it is now the path on the other side of the café that is closed, Magda said. 

"People need to know they can get through to us with no issues," Magda said. "We are struggling to inform customers that we are open as most think we are closed."

Previously, Magda said her café had lost footfall because of the building project outside of her business. 

There was a brief period last October when the café had to close because both sides of the entrance had been blocked off. 

A spokesperson from the Environment Agency said at the time: "Kendal Flood Scheme is a major engineering project involving extensive construction work that requires road and path closures at times to ensure public safety.

"Once the scheme is completed it will provide better protection to more than 1,100 local businesses and 1,400 homes.

“We are doing everything possible to keep disruption to a minimum and are offering compensation for loss of earnings to any business that is affected.

“We have had meetings with businesses owners in the town, including the proprietor of Waterside Café and Bistro, and local MP Tim Farron to provide an update on works that are planned and how to apply for compensation.”