Newlyweds from Cumbria, Krystal Garnett and Richard Moreland, swapped a typical sunny honeymoon for a 300km ultra-running race across the north of England.

Beginning their immense quest on the west coast of Cumbria last Saturday morning, the duo were part of 180 participants in the SILVA Northern Traverse.

This gruelling challenge boasts a daunting 6,500m of ascent and a requirement for completion within five days.

Venturing day and night with little rest, the spirited couple crossed the finish line on Yorkshire’s east coast after 84 hours and 21 minutes.

The Westmorland Gazette: Krystal Garnett and Richard Moreland decided to take on the challenge instead of going on a

Initiated in 2016, the SILVA Northern Traverse stretches from St Bees to Robin Hood’s Bay.

It is built upon the renowned coast-to-coast course designed by Alfred Wainwright.

Over the weekend, the newlyweds were welcomed with formidable 50mph winds and downpours courtesy of Storm Kathleen.

Harsh weather and challenging terrain continued to test them, with boggy conditions also making things tricky.

Residents of Kirkby Stephen, a town on the race route, the couple were wedded last November.

The Westmorland Gazette: Krystal Garnett and Richard Moreland tied the knot in November

They have been honing their abilities for this adventurous honeymoon since then.

Despite failing in two previous attempts, this marked Mrs Garnett's first successful completion of the Northern Traverse.

The lengthy distance, landscape, adverse weather and sleep deprivation posed mental and physical trials.

Krystal shared one of their bizarre experiences during the race, saying: "The hallucinations were insane.

"I thought Richard’s running poles were our dog coming alongside for treats.

"And the flagstones appeared to be paintings, like scenes from Harry Potter!"

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