Kendal Mountain Festival is set to come to Barrow next month with a climbing legend as a guest speaker. 

The annual Kendal Mountain festival takes place in November every year and is considered to be the ultimate social gathering for all those who love the outdoors.

The Kendal Mountain tour however runs from February to May and takes place in venues up and down the country.

The 2024 tour will come to the Forum Theatre on May 5 and will feature award-winning films that showcase daring feats of courage and stories of human resilience.

The event will include guest speaker and climbing legend Leo Houlding who is a world-class climber, alpinist and adventurer.

For 61 days, the adventurer, along with fellow climbers Jean Burgun and Mark Sedon, kite-skied 2,000km across Antarctica to climb the difficult Mount Spectre, the world's most remote mountain.

They pushed the limit during the challenge and endured -40°C temperatures, massive storms and the constant threat of crevasses.

The adventurer has appeared on the BBC's Top Gear, The Wildest Dream, retracing the last steps of Mallory and Irvine on their fateful expedition to Everest in 1924 and has his own show on Virgin One Take Me To The Edge, and an IMAX movie released in 2010.

Tickets cost £15. To find out more, visit the Forum Theatre's website