This April, during Bowel Cancer Awareness month, Andrew Yeats of Kentmere, Cumbria, embarked on the celebrated Lands End to John o’Groats cycle ride.

Joined by Abi Jacobs and Chris Bartram, he completed the 1,797km journey in 15 days, despite a spate of challenging British weather.

Having tragically lost his wife, Cinders, to Bowel Cancer in September 2022, Mr Yeats is determined to raise funds and create awareness to help others avoid the same fate.

As the fourth most common cancer in the UK, bowel cancer impacts almost 43,000 people annually.

The Westmorland Gazette: This isn't the first challenge Andrew has done for his late wife

Unfortunately, symptoms can easily go under the radar, as was the case with Mr Yeats' wife Cinders.

Initially, her symptoms were mistakenly attributed to menopause.

When a screening diagnosed her with bowel cancer, a tangerine-sized tumour had already developed, significantly reducing her survival rate.

As of now, Mr Yeats, along with friends and family members, has raised over £12,000 for Bowel Cancer UK.

This is not the first physical challenge Mr Yeats has undertaken in memory of his wife.

The Westmorland Gazette: The bikers faced all kinds of weather during the challenge

Other endeavours include a trek through Cinders' favourite mountain range, the Torridon range in Winter Scotland, the Pyrenees GR11 traverse from Atlantic to Mediterranean, and a hike across the French island of Corsica.

Reflecting on his wife's passionate spirit, Mr Yeats said: "Cinders was full of adventure, we had planned to do all of the challenges together, but now, I am doing them in her memory.

"She was a shy person but felt passionate about raising awareness for Bowel Cancer. "I can’t think of a better way to spend my time now than honouring that for her.”

In spite of cycling uphill for 41,000 feet from the southern tip of Cornwall to the northern tip of Scotland, enduring gale force winds and heavy downpours, causing extreme flooding and route disruptions, Mr Yeats was grateful for the experience.

"I am so pleased and proud of Abi and Chris for stepping up to share the challenge and making the trip so much fun and enjoyable," he said

Commending her fellow riders, Ms Jacobs said: "With friends by your side and plenty of tea breaks it’s incredible what you can achieve when you take one day at a time.

"Thank you Andrew and Chris."

Mr Bartram, also echoed that sentiment, said, "What a fabulous experience, cycling with friends through this country's beautiful landscapes, and all in support of a wonderful cause- it was a privilege to be involved."

For spectators wishing to keep updated with Andrew’s further challenges, they can follow him on Instagram and Facebook @AdventureCheck or donate at Abi, Chris and Andrew tackle LeScot and LeJog for Cinders’ Memorial Cycling Challenge (