The Lake District is the fifth most popular natural World Heritage site in the world, according to Betway's research.

The national park amassed more than 4.3 million Instagram tags and had 368,000 monthly Google searches.

The research analysed data from Instagram, TikTok, and Google searches for more than 200 of the most-visited spots to determine which are the most popular in 2024.

Yellowstone National Park triumphed, with five million Google searches every month, making it the world's most popular natural World Heritage Site.

This US park, mostly in Wyoming, is also popular on social media, with 2.3 million tagged Instagram posts and 293,800 TikTok hashtag views.

The Grand Canyon, also in the US, came in second.

Located in Northern Arizona, it gets around 1.2 million Google searches every month and has 4.4 million tagged Instagram posts — the most of any natural site in the study.

Yosemite National Park, another American location, is third-most popular, boasting more than 1.6 million Instagram hashtags and 550,000 Google searches per month.

In the cultural category, India's Taj Mahal nabbed first place.

It has 2.7 million Instagram posts tagged at the site and 1.8 million Google searches monthly.

The stone ruins of Machu Picchu in Peru ranked second.

The 'Lost City of the Incas' sees a significant following on TikTok at 184,900 posts, the most of any cultural site.

The Statue of Liberty, gracing New York City, took the third spot.

It sees about one million Google searches every month and is also popular on Instagram with 2.3 million tagged posts.

World Heritage cities also made the list.

Istanbul, Turkey's culture-soaked city, takes the crown.

It has a staggering 131.1 million Instagram posts and 7.9 million TikTok tags.

Brazil's Rio de Janeiro comes second, seeing 1.5 million monthly Google searches, and is also popular on social media.

Lima, Peru's capital, sits third.

It has 14.4 million Instagram posts and 3.3 million posts on TikTok.

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