A DOG owner feared his pet was going to be killed after being attacked in a park.

The man, who wishes to remain anonymous, was walking his ten-year-old Jack Russell Terrier through Ford Park in Ulverston when two larger dogs, who were not on a lead, attacked.

While out with his dog Sid, he saw a woman walking her two Staffie-type dogs off lead.

The owner had neglected to bring a lead for either dog so when they started coming towards Sid, she was only able to hold one of them back and the other managed to reach and attack Sid.

The distraught owner said: “It was unprovoked and very scary.

“The dog pulled Sid out of his harness and bit him on his face and back legs. I have no doubt that if allowed to continue, Sid would have been killed.

“At first I tried to stop the attack by whipping the dog with my lead, but then, with the owner's encouragement, I managed to get the dog to briefly release Sid by kicking it repeatedly.”

The woman offered to exchange details but with two uncontrolled dogs and Sid bleeding badly, the man decided it was not safe to stay any longer.

Sid needed an emergency vet visit. He was sedated so the wounds on his neck, back and legs could be treated.

Although he lost a lot of blood in the attack and was left with cuts, and swelling to his face, body and back paws, Sid will recover from his injuries.

However, the attack has left him nervous of other dogs.

Sid was rescued by Animal Care Lancaster and rehomed to a loving family three years ago. His owner said it feels like the progress made since has been set back by the incident.

The man said it was a ‘very traumatic incident that could have ended very badly’.

It happened at around 7am on Wednesday April 17.

The incident was reported to police via 10 but the force said it would need the owner’s identity to act further.

The Director of Ford Park Sam Ronson said: “We have contacted the owner of the dog that was attacked and we’re very sorry that it happened in Ford Park. We want the park to be an enjoyable place for all and would once again ask people to please observe the signage around the park, particularly with regards to dogs.

“If you’re bringing dogs to the park, please have a lead and poo-bags for the dogs and keep them on lead everywhere with the exception of the dog-exercise field.

“This particular incident highlights the need for owners to keep an eye on their dogs at all times and be aware of their dogs’ behavioural issues before letting them off-lead in a public place.”