The Peak District is the UK's best National Park, according to the latest data released by online car marketplace, cinch.

The data considers factors such as the number of nearby cafes, parking spaces, average temperature, and social media popularity.

Ranked closely behind are the Lake District and New Forest, offering Brits scenic alternatives for outdoor endeavours. Specifically, cinch's study highlighted crucial amenities in these rural spaces.

In terms of cafes, the Lake District triumphs with 335 cafes for tourists and locals to refuel during their visits. However, Northumberland National Park is not far behind, boasting 251 cafes within its vicinity.

The Norfolk and Suffolk Broads also offer a plentiful supply of eateries, with 202 cafes to cater to outdoor enthusiasts. Parking spaces within national parks were a key component in cinch's data-driven review.

The New Forest emerged top in this category, hosting 120 car parks. It's followed by the Peak District and the Pembrokeshire Coast with 44 and 40 parking areas, respectively.

In May, the New Forest claims the title of the UK's mildest national park, with an average temperature of 15˚C.

The South Downs and Exmoor offer a similar climate, with a May average of 14˚C, whereas Cairngorms in the Scottish Highlands presents a cooler experience at 10˚C.

On social media platforms such as Tiktok and Instagram, the Peak District is the favourite among users.

With 363m views on TikTok and 2.3m mentions on Instagram, it goes beyond doubt that the aesthetics of this national park capture the fascination of digital audiences.

But Northumberland and Dartmoor National Park also prove to be digital darlings with 212m and 130m TikTok views respectively.

The Lake District registers high with 4.3m hashtags on Instagram.

Sam Sheehan, motoring editor at cinch, said: “Crowning the best national park in the UK based on its scenery alone is no easy feat, as every park is dotted with picturesque villages and stunning sites.

“However, based on our findings, the perfect location for a road trip is the Peak District, the first of Britain’s 15 national parks to be established.

“Covering five different counties and featuring spectacular landscapes, the Peak District is an ideal destination if you’re on the hunt for picture- or video-perfect spots."