The North West has been ranked as the second greenest region in Britain.

Its average number of public green spaces within a 1km radius is 4.91, according to Arbtech, an ecological consultancy.

The firm analysed data from the Office for National Statistics to reveal the regions and Local Authority Districts (LADs) with the highest number of parks, public gardens, and playing gardens within a 1km radius on average.

North West locations like Liverpool, Warrington, and Stockport were identified as the greenest LADs in the area, with Liverpool having an average of 6.84 public green spaces within a 1km radius.

The study indicated that the average distance to the nearest public green space for those in the North West is just 341.7 metres.

The region was trumped by London which came in first with 6.74 green spaces.

Within the region, the specific areas of London Borough of Tower Hamlets, Southwark, Islington, City of London, and Camden are the top five greenest LADs.

Ranked after North West were the North East, Yorkshire and the Humber, and the West Midlands respectively.

Andrew Richards from Arbtech said: "It's interesting to see which areas in Great Britain have the most public green spaces within a kilometre.

"It's perhaps surprising to learn that London is the ‘greenest’ region, but 20% of its area is green space and the region has around 3,000 parks.

“Each green space we visit tells a unique story, reflecting the community's dedication to preserving nature while fostering a space where both the environment and human well-being can flourish together.

"Hopefully this list might inspire people to seek out green spaces nearby, so they can enjoy the benefits of being in the open air and surrounded by nature.”

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