Train operator Northern says it has saved over 4,000kg of carbon emissions by recycling 10,000kg of old uniforms in twelve months.

In 2023, the train operator struck a deal with recycling specialist Avena, which gives discarded uniforms a new lease of life.

This has reduced CO2e emissions, equating to over 11,159 miles driven by an average petrol car.

In May 2023, Northern kicked off its recycling drive, collecting 'end of life' uniforms from 25 depots and train crew centres. The garments are then shredded by Avena, ensuring brand security.

The recycle scheme also alleviates the risk of Northern logo-marked clothing being misused by individuals seeking unauthorised entry to secure areas.

Mike Roe, safety and environment director at Northern, said: "Uniforms are something we have in abundance and through natural wear and tear and turnover of staff we regularly have to order-in fresh supplies.

"Knowing that we’ve sent over ten tonnes of material for recycling through this initiative - which would otherwise have been incinerated or sent to landfill - is something Northern can be proud of."

Elliott Garner, a spokesperson for Avena, said: "We are delighted to have strengthened and expanded on our relationship with Northern over the past 12 months.

"The recent release of our joint video project underscores Northern's commitment to advancing sustainability goals, directly supported by the SecureBrand Uniform Recycling solution.

"Avena takes pride in securely recycling all Northern uniform in the most effective way possible, guaranteeing the recycling of all items collected resulting in complete avoidance from landfill.

"The implementation of SecureBrand across 25 Northern sites ensures branded uniform is captured, heavily reducing the risk of uniform breaches and impersonation attempts.

"We look forward to continuing securing the future of Northern for years to come."