A second horse died of "exhaustion" at the Appleby Fair, according to a report by the RSPCA.

A Shetland pony was found dead in a residential area at the back of the Trade Field on Saturday, showing "all the signs of exhaustion".

This follows an earlier incident on June 5 when a three-year-old stallion collapsed at Jubilee Bridge around 3pm.

RSPCA investigations are ongoing, including the release of CCTV images of a man wanted in connection with the incident. 

The RSPCA recorded 438 interventions by their officers during the event; five investigations are ongoing, and nine warnings were issued connected with the Fair.

Six equines, one dog, one puppy, one kitten, one canary cross bird, one wild caught goldfinch and one wild rabbit are in charity care. 

RSPCA Chief Inspector Rob Melloy said:  “Everyone knows about the horse who died at Jubilee Bridge on Wednesday, but we had a Shetland pony who died in the residential section at the back of the Trade Field on Saturday too, which showed all the signs of exhaustion. 

“We believe a lot of overworking was happening at night, though it was not being reported, and we had to deal with the consequences the day after. In the case of the Shetland, we were called to the stallion early in the morning, and suspect he was overworked in the evening. 

“A lot of our warnings and interactions were about exhaustion and if the weather had been a little bit hotter we may have been talking about more than these two deaths.”