A new wellbeing space for young people in Kendal has officially launched.

The Helm is a collaborative project devised by Wave Forward, a mental health and wellbeing charity for young people.

Stationed at the No-Hands Rest Coffee House in K-Village, the purpose-built venue offers a sanctuary for youngsters looking to support each other, with programming focused on promoting positive mental wellbeing.

The Helm operates as a central hub for young people from Kendal and the wider Cumbria region.

Here, the members determine the agenda, whether initiating projects or simply using it as a relaxed space.

Wave Forward's experienced youth workers will oversee the entire operation.

(Image: Wave Forward) Positioned at No-Hands Rest Coffee House due to its shared values of compassion, inclusivity, and collaboration, The Helm is intended to emphasise and enhance positive mental health among young people, both in educational establishments and within the wider community.

The launch event took place July 13, between 4pm and 5.30pm, with a pizza party that presented an opportunity for registration.

Prospective members can join by signing up on the Wave Forward website or by contacting them via email.

(Image: Wave Forward) Wave Forward undertook the creation of The Helm following the successful implementation of its Wellbeing Ambassador Programme, a school-based initiative that raises awareness and promotes positive mental health.

Local school Wellbeing Ambassadors have contributed to the set-up and will be instrumental in promoting The Helm's mental health and wellbeing objective within the community.

Statistics indicate that 20 per cent of teenagers encounter mental health issues such as anxiety and depression.

The hub aims to empower young people through ongoing training and support, enabling them to take the helm of this new venture.

Involvement in The Helm will equip young people with important mental health advocacy and support skills, setting them up for success in their future careers and personal development.

The mission, spearheaded by Wave Forward and its Wellbeing Ambassadors, is to cultivate a healthier, more hopeful future for today's young people and ensuing generations.