Campaign for Better Transport calls for people to have a big impact through simple actions this Better Transport Week taking place 17th-23rd June

Recent research from the Department For Transport shows that 95% of the UK’s carbon emissions from transport come from cars, vans and lorries, while air pollution is one of the UK’s biggest killers, causing up to 36,000 early deaths in the UK every year according to Friends of The Earth and costing the health services £20bn annually based on a paper from the Royal College of Physicians. That’s why for this year’s Better Transport Week, Campaign for Better Transport is shining a light on the unexpected transport heroes doing their bit to be more sustainable and celebrating the impact they’re having on local communities up and down the country.

Messages of thanks have popped up on mobile billboards, social media channels and local newspapers throughout Ulverston, Maiden Newton, Torbay and Barton upon Humber, celebrating the UK’s better transport heroes, with a call for people to get involved. How? By swapping their car or van for a more sustainable option. Whether it’s wandering to the shops, getting their bikes out of the shed, hopping on the train or making friends with their local bus driver, small actions have a big impact on the environment and economy.

One of the heroes who demonstrates just how big of an impact it’s possible to have is Tony Jennings - his advocacy journey for disability rights began amidst the diverse transport landscapes of London and Ulverston, propelling him to reshape accessibility locally and nationally. From challenging discriminatory policies to co-founding initiatives like the Campaign for Level Boarding, Tony tirelessly champions inclusivity in transport.

(Image: Campaign for Better Transport)
“As a mobility scooter user, to be able to get off the train at Windermere station, cross the road and reach the summit of Orrest Head is incredible. Immersing yourself in nature has profound benefits for mental health. It’s empowering and makes you feel fantastic - you’re doing things you didn’t think you’d ever be able to do.”

He adds, “an inclusive railway benefits everyone and I’m proud to have been involved and it will be a legacy for future generations.”

Another hero highlighted in this campaign is Maiden Newton local, Sally Falkingham. Sally’s journey towards sustainable transport began with one fundamental step: walking. From a very young age, walking has always been a pivotal part of Sally's everyday transport experience. During her childhood, she routinely walked to school and this habit continued into adulthood, where she became an avid rambler, exploring the countryside on foot well into her 50s.

(Image: Campaign for Better Transport)

Now, living just a 10-minute walk from her local station and the stop for community buses in the opposite, Sally has continued to embrace walking as her primary mode of travel, integrating it into her daily routine. Despite facing challenges like arthritis, she found support from staff who assist her in boarding trains and buses with her walker, showcasing the importance of inclusive infrastructure in enabling individuals to embrace walking as a sustainable transport option.

Paul Tuohy, CEO at Campaign for Better Transport said: “Sustainable transport deserves to be in the spotlight: it does amazing things to clean our air, tackle climate change, improve our health and boost the economy. And that's what this Better Transport Week and our celebration of the UK's transport heroes is all about. We want to help build a brighter transport future in the UK, one that's greener, fairer and connects people to the things and people that really matter. So we hope that our messages of thanks popping up across the UK can help to inspire others to give green transport a try, because small actions have a big impact.”

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