Three Cumbrian-based businesses have collaborated in an effort to 'strengthen Cumbria's circular economy'.

The partnership is between businesses Pure Lakes Skincare, Rinaldo’s Speciality Coffee and Tea, and Ginger Bakers.

The collaboration allows customers of Pure Lakes Skincare, based in Far Sawrey, to collect organic skincare products from Rinaldo’s, a specialist coffee roaster in Kendal.

A promotion of both customer convenience and eco-friendly values, the partnership includes a 'click and collect' scheme and a 'refill' service, encouraging customers to bring empty skincare containers back to Rinaldo’s.

In a further strengthening of their partnership, Rinaldo’s coffee is now the signature brew at Pure Lakes’ soap and candle making masterclasses, held at their premises.

Claire McKeever from Pure Lakes Skincare with Jayne Hynes at Rinaldo’sClaire McKeever from Pure Lakes Skincare with Jayne Hynes at Rinaldo’s (Image: Pure Lakes)

The masterclasses have also led to another successful partnership with Ginger Bakers, which has been creating its award-winning cakes since 2006.

The Lake District confectioner was an ideal partner to provide treats during the sessions.

Claire McKeever, owner of Pure Lakes Skincare, said: "We have always had a strong desire to work with local companies who share our business' beliefs.

"We look for partners grounded in the local community and who put sustainability and an ethical approach to sourcing at the forefront of their operation.

"When you find a company that shares your views on business, it just makes sense to try and work together for mutual benefit."

Claire McKeever with Ginger Baker’s products at the Pure Lakes HQClaire McKeever with Ginger Baker’s products at the Pure Lakes HQ (Image: Pure Lakes)

Jayne Hynes, from Rinaldo’s Speciality Coffee and Tea, is delighted by the partnership.

She said: "It is lovely to work with another local, like-minded business and we were honoured when they chose to serve our coffee in their amazing new site in Far Sawrey.

"Launching their click and collect service here at Rinaldo’s has meant we get to meet some of their fabulous customers too - strengthening Cumbria’s circular economy.”

Lisa Smith, from Ginger Bakers, spoke highly of the joint effort.

She said: "We love partnering with Pure Lakes to provide cake for their Experience Days.

"They are a fantastic local business with many of the same values as Ginger Bakers.

"We both create our products in small batches by hand, and we both really believe in supporting our local community.

"We are both passionate about the Lake District and Cumbria, and all the area has to offer."