David Aris, a 94-year-old from Kendal, is on a mission to break a record and raise funds for St John's Hospice.

Mr Aris is getting ready to be the oldest person to take part in the fastest Zip Wire experience in the world!

His courageous act is all to help the charity that cared for his late wife, June.

He is taking on the challenge at Penrhyn Quarry, Snowdonia, North Wales.

This is the location for Zip World's 'Velocity', touted as the fastest zip wire in the world, clocking possible speeds of more than 100mph.

It also holds the title for Europe's longest zip line, at 1.5km.

Mr Aris is no stranger to St John's Hospice having fundraised for them in the past.

He is taking on the adventure this July.

Mr Aris said: "Since I've hit 90, I've done two skydives and a cycling challenge.

"I'm nearly 95 now so my doctor says I need to slow down a bit on a few things, yet I like the thrill and excitement of a big challenge.

"This zipwire experience has been approved for me by my doctor so I'm going for it!

"I'm in the midst of my preparation: the tickets are bought, I'm sorting out the right clothes to wear underneath the gear as it'll be a bit nippy up there and now I'm planning the route to drive down with my friend."

He also added: "I have to be realistic, at almost 95 this may be the last physical challenge I do so I want it to be it to be a really successful fundraiser."

He also shared his request for support, saying: " I've even joined the digital age and have an online Just Giving Page, so if you could sponsor me to do this it would mean a lot to me and help the hospice continue to give the care they gave to June to many others."

Lisa Morgan, a community fundraiser, added: "David's energy and commitment to fundraising is simply incredible.

"He's taken on challenges and supported others to do theirs. When his wife June was cared for by St John's he was struck by the fact that St John's Hospice is a charity that needs to fundraise 365 days a year to provide 365 days a year of care.

"His love of June and his loyalty to St John's will never leave him and we're doing all we can to support him with this amazing challenge."

You can sponsor his efforts at www.sjhospice.org.uk/david.

St John's Hospice is a charity in South Lakes, caring for people from Grasmere to Garstang and Morecambe to Sedbergh, both in the hospice and their homes.