DETAILS of another dramatic sighting of a large black cat in South Lakeland have been revealed.

Secretary Clare Hodges described seeing a large “panther-like creature” in her headlights as she drove at night along the A684.

It is one of a number of sightings reported to The Westmorland Gazette following our front page story on September 5, which showed a photograph of a large black cat prowling in a field near Valley Drive, in Kendal.

Ms Hodges, who works for Cumbria County Council, said the animal she saw became illuminated in her car headlights near Lambrigg windfarm as she drove towards Kendal from Sedbergh at around 11.30pm.

“I had just driven over the M6 when I saw something walk in front of my car, less than 50 yards ahead of me. It didn’t take any notice of the car but just looked straight ahead and kept on walking.

“The creature was definitely much bigger than a domestic cat; taller and longer and with a long, thick black tail. It didn’t walk like an ordinary cat and was unlike a fox or badger – it was a completely different colour for a start.”

When she arrived back at her home in Kendal, Ms Hodges read in that day’s Gazette about the Valley Drive sighting.

She said she took the advice that was in the article and reported her sighting to the police.

“Before this I would say I was a sceptic about talk of such creatures roaming the countryside, but since that day I believe 110 per cent there’s something out there.”

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